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Volcxken Diericx

ca. 1525 – 1600

Active in: Belgium
Alternate names: Volcxken Diercx, Volcxken Dierickx


Presumed to have been born in Antwerp, Volcxken Diericx was an important print publisher active in the city in the sixteenth century. In 1647, she married the print publisher Hieronymus Cock. Following her husband’s death in 1570, Diericx took over their publishing house Aux Quatre Vents, and published numerous prints until her death in 1600.

Selected Works


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Entry Notes

All works included here were published by, rather than engraved by, Volcxken Diericx. Between the death of Hieronymus Cock in 1570, and her death in 1600, all the prints published by her have the label “Aux Quatre Vents,” but without the name of Cock