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Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte

April 28, 1701 – September 6, 1780

Active in: France
Alternate names: Basseforte


Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte is known for her pastels and watercolors and for her role as painting instructor to King Louis XV’s daughters. Although she studied as a history painter, Basseporte became a botanical illustrator, serving in this official role for the king. She was the only woman to hold this position, which she maintained for almost half a century. Basseporte was born in Paris in 1701. Her first instructor was Robert de Séry, a painter and engraver. Following his death, Basseporte apprenticed with Claude Aubriet, and succeeded him as the official painter to the Jardin du Roi in 1741. She maintained this position, alongside other artistic duties for the royal family, until her death in 1780.

Selected Works


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