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Maria Katharina Prestel

July 22, 1747 – March 16, 1794

Active in: Germany and England
Alternate names: Catherine, Katerine, Katharina; maiden name Höll


Born Maria Katharina Höll in 1747, Prestel was a pupil of the Nuremberg-based printmaker Johann Gottlieb Prestel. They married in 1769 and working alongside him, Prestel became a skilled printmaker herself, primarily in aquatint and etching. Together they had a daughter, Ursula Magdalena Prestel, born in 1777. In 1786, Prestel separated from her husband and moved with her daughter to England.

It was in London that Prestel found success and admiration for her large landscape prints. She produced aquatint prints after works by Dutch, German, and Italian masters, as well as reproductions of important landscape paintings by Thomas Gainsborough. She died in London in 1794, and her daughter moved to Brussels where she made a career for herself as an artist.

Selected Works


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