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Two children, both with light skin and very pink cheeks, dressed in dark clothing, stand close together. The boy on the left wears a very large hat folded up on one side along with a white scarf tied around his neck, and he looks up and away to his right. In one hand he holds an eel, while in the other arm he is holding a small cat to his torso. Net to him, a smaller girl wears a dark dress with a large white ruffle collar and a close-fitting white cap that covers all of her hair. She is holding up one hand with the index finger raised as she looks at someone away outside the scene, and with the other hand she is holding the end of the cat's tail.
A Boy and a Girl with a Cat and an Eel, Judith Leyster (1609–1660)
A young man or child with light skin, blonde hair, a feathered cap, and a blue coat is seated at a table and smiling while he plays a violin. On teh table before him is a book that appears to contain sheet music, an empty glass, and a human skull.
A Boy Musician, Judith Leyster (1609–1660)
A grouping of of flowers that includes many colors and varieties, including roses, irises, and chrysanthemums. The colors are brightest at the center and become darker and more shadowed toward the edges of the image.
A Bunch of Flowers, Mary Moser (1744–1819)
A woman with light skin and curly gray hair is shown from the chest up. She wears an outfit that includes a large dark gray hat with blue ribbons, bows, and feathers, along with a striped white shawl tied around her neck and decorated with a corsage of small flowers.
A Fashionable Noblewoman Wearing a Plumed Hat, Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749–1803)
A Lady, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)
A rough-looking sculpture of a seated woman wearing a dress. She has shoulder-length hair, crossed arms with undetailed hands, and feet crossed at the ankles.
A Seated Woman, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
A large grouping of flowers in a vase, with many white and off-white flowers at the center and darker colors like red, orange, and blue toward the edges.
A Vase of Flowers, Mary Moser (1744–1819)
An oval shaped portrait in profile view of a light-skinned woman with long, curled brown hair in an updo. She wears a yellow dress with slightly scalloped sleeves, and looks out at the viewer with a serious expression.
A Woman, presumably a Self-portrait, Susan Penelope Rosse (1652–1700)
Acacia lebbeck Willd, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A group of people in period clothing interact throughout a room. The central figures are a young man in a white coat and red trousers, who holds the arm of a young woman wearing a long white and blue dress, while a shorter woman leans on her other arm. Around the room, two young boys and three younger girls appear posed in play.
Adieux de Marie-Louise à sa famille le 13 mars 1810, Pauline Auzou (1775–1835)
A plant specimen showing dark green, oval-shaped leaves and small white flowers with pink centers and long yellow stamens.
Aeschelus Hippocastanum, Mary Delany (1700–1788)
Agave virginica L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Albuca alba […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Aletris bifolia […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Aletris capensis L […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
An oval-shaped portrait of a light-skinned man with a prominent pointed nose and gray hair curled over his ears and tied back with black ribbon is shown in a side profile view. He wears a brown coat with a white shirt and tall white collar..
Alexander Hamilton, Ellen Wallace Sharples (1769–1849)
Aloe Africana humilis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Aloe rubescens […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Aloe succotrinae angustifoliae […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Aloe vera major Munting […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Alstroemeria ligtu […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Alstroemeria pelegrina L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A large, carved wooden altarpiece with two doors swung open has thirteen small paintings inside. On the left door, a light-skinned nude man and nude woman stand in a garden, holding an apple between them. In the center, six images depict a group of light-skinned people kneeling over an infant child; a group of light-skinned people, mostly women, kneeling over the emaciated body of a brown-haired, light-skinned man, with a wooden cross in the background; a large central image of a light-skinned brown-haired man wearing only a loincloth suspended from a wooden cross by his hands and feet, with three women gathered at the bottom of the cross; an aged, light-skinned nude man with a bald head and gray beard kneeling on the ground with a blue cloth and red cloth, the man on the cross visible behind him; a light-skinned man with brown hair standing in a river with his hands clasped, while another man with similar features stands on the shore holding his hands over the man in the river's head; and a large group of people kneeling, raising their hands up, and looking toward the sky, where above their heads, a pair of feet is just visible in the air above them. Finally, on the right side door, a young boy with light skind and red hair kneels at the feet of an older man with light skin, a gray beard, and a red cap, who has his sword raised over his head to strike, while far above a golden-haired, light-skinned angel in white robes holds back the sword.
Altarpiece with Scenes from the Old and New Testaments (the Tendila Retablo), Caterina van Hemessen (1528–after 1565)
Amaranthus fruticosus erectus […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Amaryllis formosissima L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Amellus (Sychnitis) […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ammania foliis lanceolatis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ammi lacinulis foliorum capillaribus, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A group of four light-skinned people are seated around a table looking out at the viewer. A young boy with reddish hair and a gray jacket stands next to a woman in a green striped dress with an ornate top hat on her white hair. On the other side of the table, a man with gray hair curled over his ears holds a pen in one hand and a young child with reddish hair on his lap with the other.
An Architect and his Family, Marguerite Gérard (1761–1837)
Anamenia coriacea Vent […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Three overlapping drawings of a man, a woman, and a child shown in profile. The man is the topmost image and he has curly hair, a short beard, and  a helmet pushed back on his head; the woman is the bottommost image and she wears a simple diadem on top of her head; the child is between the man and woman, and he has very chubby cheeks and curly hair.
Andromache, Astyanax, and Hector, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
Andromeda caliculata, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Andromeda paniculata L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Androsace Alpina […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A plant illustration of pale pink and white five-petal flowers on a stem with very dark green oval leaves.
Apple Blossom, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
Arapabaca quadrifolia, fructu testiculato, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Aristolochia pistolochia, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A large group of young women and girls, all wearing white dresses and carrying flowers or wearing flowers in their hair, greet a tall woman in a long-sleeved red dress with a feathered headpiece. Next to the woman in red is a man wearing a blue and red jacket.
Arrivée de l'impératrice Marie-Louise à Compiègne le 28 mars 1810, Pauline Auzou (1775–1835)
Arum amplis foliis cordiformibus […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Arum Canadense […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A plant illustration showing a large, dark green heart-shaped leaf and three smaller stems with bulbous ends, two of which have yellow pointed growths. Alongside this image is a detail of one of the bulbs, which shows the yellow growth and the brush-like growth inside.
Arum Esculentum, Mary Delany (1700–1788)
Asclepias hirsuta Scammonii […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A seated, light-skinned woman with dark hair and wearing a white dress with gold clasps at the shoulders is holding up a gold hand mirror to look into. She is wrapped in a long red cloth, and the shoulder of her dress has slipped down and exposed her breast. In one hand she holds a written document, and around the room behind her are flowers.
Aspasia, Marie-Geneviève Bouliar (1763–1825)
Aster Chenopodii folio annuus […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Aureliana Canadensis, sinensibus […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Azalea nudiflora L. Amer sept, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


Bacchus and Ariadne, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
A shallow wicker basket with a handle is shown on a table. It has a large pile of grapes, some lighter in color and others dark purple, heaped inside, with several small flowers poking out .
Basket of Grapes, Anne Vallayer-Coster (1744–1818)
Bignonia, foliis simplicibus, cordatis, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Bocconia ramosa, sphondylii […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Boerhaavia scandens […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A silver dish with a square footed base and a half-oval body, which has a rich cobalt blue interior visible. The top of the dish is connected by a silver handle. The outside is etched with a decorative floral motif and in several places the design has punched through so the blue interior is visible.
Bonbon dish with glass liner, Hester Bateman (1708–1794)
Bontia daphnoides […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A dark vase of flowers sits on a table. The arrangement includes large green leaves, red and white carnations, a sunflower, roses, and other white, orange, yellow, and pink flowers against a dark background.
Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, Maria van Oosterwyck (1630–1693)
A young boy with very light skin in a brown coat with a large white ruffled collar and red hat is seated in a chair playing a dark-colored flute. Behind him on teh wall hangs a violin and another musical instrument that resembles a white recorder.
Boy Playing the Flute, Judith Leyster (1609–1660)
A branch of a plant with a red stem, pointed medium-green leaves, and small red berries.
Branch of a Redcurrant, Alida Withoos (ca. 1661/62–1730)
Branche de fruit du fraisier de batte des Anglois, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A branch of plant with green stem, dark green ruffled leaves, and many small yellow flowers at the top.
Brassica, Alida Withoos (ca. 1661/62–1730)
Browallia, […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A bird with a red face and chest, gray back, and black head and wings is perched on a tree branch with one foot. It has a small, curved black beak and a white stripe on its wing. It is looking back over its shoulder.
Bullfinch, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
Buphthalmum abyssinicum […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A greenish-blue bust of the head and shoulders of a man with a loose, open collar, receding hairline, and hair that curls just above his ears.
Bust of a Man, Julie Charpentier (1770–1843)
Bust of a Man, Julie Charpentier (1770–1843)
A greenish-blue bust of the head and shoulders of a woman with her hair swept away from her face, looking upward.
Bust of a Woman, Julie Charpentier (1770–1843)
Bust of Claude Marmet, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
Bust of the head and neck of a young man with short hair and a sharp widow's peak, a wide nose, and a knotted scarf below his open shirt collar.
Bust of Denis Diderot, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
Portrait bust of a man with very short or no hair, a lined forehead, and slightly furrowed brow.
Bust of Doctor Camper, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
Bust of Duc de Sully, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
Bust of Henry IV, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
A bust of the head and shoulders of a woman wearing a shawl, with her hair held away from her face by a small crown or diadem.
Bust of Princess Frederika Sophia Wilhelmina, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
A bust of the head and shoulders of a man, with a cloth wrapped across his chest like a toga, and short hair that is curled above his ears.
Bust of Stadholder William V, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
Bust portrait of Prince Henry Lubomirski in the character of Bacchus, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)


Cabbage with nasturtium and caterpillar, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
Cacalia atriplicifolia L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
One long dark green leaf is depicted behind a plant cutting with five flowers on the stem. Each flower has six thin, drooping white petals and six yellow stamens, making them resemble a firework.
Cactus Grandiflorus, Mary Delany (1700–1788)
Cactus parasiticus […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Calceolaria foliis Scabiose vulgaris [...], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Calycanthus floridus L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Camara spinosa flore variegate, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Campanula grandiflora L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Campanule Alpina Teucrii […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Carl Germain Pichelieu, Maria Elisabeth Ziesenis (1744–1796)
A reddish-pink carved stone with the face of a woman. The carving is set on a cloth background in a similar color, which is in a black frame.
Caroline Conway, Lady Aylesbury, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
A man and a woman, both with light skin, dark hair, and rosy cheeks are seated together at a table, with the woman turned slightly to look at the man. The woman wears a white shawl and a white cap over her slicked-back hair, and she holds a wineglass in one hand and a silver-colored pot-belly wine jug in the other. The man wears a wide white collar and holds a violin up to his shoulder with one hand, the bow held to its strings with the other.
Carousing Couple, Judith Leyster (1609–1660)
Catherine the Great, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
Cerastium aquaticum, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Cerato-Cephalus Virginiantus […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Cerinthe foliis hirpidis, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Cerinthe foliis latis hirpidis, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Cestrum laurifolium […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Chamaerododendros Canadensis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A light-skinned man with shoulder-length, wavy brown hair, a sparse mustache on his upper lip, and very rosy lips looks out and away from teh viewer. He is shown from the shoulders up.
Charles Beale the Elder, Mary Beale (1633–1699)
Charles Meynier, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Cheiranthus cheiri […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Chelone pentstemon, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Chrysocoma anthelmintica, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Cirsium horridum Mich. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Clematitis Balearica […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Clinopodium menthaefolio incanum et odoratum, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Clythie, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)
A bright silver pot-belly coffee pot with a darker black or brown handle. It is decorated with small beads of silver around the edge of the lid and the side of the curved spout, and has an etching of a rearing lion. The pot rests on a tray with a small foot that ends in a silver ball.
Coffee Pot and Stand, Hester Bateman (1708–1794)
Collinsonia L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Commelina hexandra […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Commelina zazonia […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A group of soldiers lead a woman toward a bare-chested soldier seated on a platform. He has his arm raised and looks away from the woman. Behind him, another man reaches out from behind a pillar, in the direction of the woman.
Continence of Scipio, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
Convolvulus batatas, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Conyza Africana foliis oblongis dentatis glutinosis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Conyza chinensis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Conyza dioscoridis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Conyza faetida Lamk […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Conyza odorata L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Cornus canadensis L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Cornus florida L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Cotyledon hispanica L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Cotyledon portulacea Lamk […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Two young people kneel in front of a pair of gravestones in a run-down churchyard. Two goats are grazing nearby, and the church just beyond appears to be partially collapsed and ruined.
Country Churchyard, Maria Katharina Prestel (1747–1794)
Crassula perfossa Lamk. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Crassula tetragona L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Crucifix, Maria Faydherbe (1587–1643)
Cynanchum suberosum […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Cynoglossum angusto glauco folio, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Cyrtanthus vittatus Desf. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Cytharexylum Americanum alterum, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


A plant illustration showing medium-green irregularly-shaped leaves attached to a brownish stem. At the end of the stem is a fluffy, white, round ball made of individual dandelion seeds.
Dandelion, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
Dandelion with a Tiger Moth, Butterfly, Snail and Beetle, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
Dead Christ, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
A sepia-toned image shows a shirtless young man draped over the lap of a woman, both seated at the base of a tree. In the branches, two cherubs lookdown from above. Outside the image on the sheet is the title of the work, Diane et Endimion.
Diana and Endymion, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Dianella nemorosa […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
An elderly man with a lined face, balding head, and loosely-draped tunic sits on the ground and leans on one elbow. The entire image has an aqua-blue tint to it.
Diogenes, Maria Katharina Prestel (1747–1794)
Dirca palustris L. Amer., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Domenico Zampieri, Julie Charpentier (1770–1843)
A woman with light skin and blonde curls and a man with light skin, dark hair, and a beard are shown from the shoulders up. They are turned slightly toward each other, but look outward to the viewer.
Dorothy, Lady Brown (née Mileham) and Sir Thomas Browne, Joan Carlile (ca. 1606–1679)
Dracaena draco […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Dracena triangularis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Duchess of Devonshire as Diana, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)
Duranta plumieri L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


A group of small, indistinct people are gathered in the foreground of the painting beneath two towering palm trees. In the distance, a walled city and three giant pyramids dominate the background of the scenery.
Egyptian City by an Oasis, Anna Waser (1678–1714)
A rocky and tree-covered landscape is shown in sepia tones. Many of the trees have fallen and exposed roots stand up in the lower right. In the distance are rocky cliffs, evergreen trees, and a small waterfall.
Elijiah Fed by Ravens, Magdalena van de Passe (1600–1638)
Elisabeth Sophie Le Hay (née Cheron), Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
Elizabeth (née Farren), Countess of Derby, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
Elizabeth Murray, Countess of Dysart and Duchess of Lauderdale, Joan Carlile (ca. 1606–1679)
Elizabeth Murray, Countess of Dysart, with her First Husband, Sir Lionel Tollemache, and her Sister Margaret Murray, Joan Carlile (ca. 1606–1679)
A sepia-toned image depicts a group of mourners lowering an unclothed man's body into a stone tomb.
Entombment, Magdalena van de Passe (1600–1638)
Erigeron philadelphocum […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Eryngium aquaticum L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Erythronium dens-canis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Eupatorium frutescens, foliis lanceolatis, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Euphrasia foliis oblongis obtuse serratis, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


A man and a woman stand at the center of a room, with the man holding the woman's arm. the man has gray hair, light skin with rosy cheeks, and  a long green coat over a white waistcoat with a high collar, and he is looking down and away from the woman next to him. The woman has very light skin, dark curly hair pulled away from her face, and wears a short-sleeved black and pink dress. On the other side of the man, a young boy in a green coat is holding a white and brown spotted hunting dog by the leash.
Family Group, Marguerite Gérard (1761–1837)
Ficoidea Africana folio plantaginis undulato micis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ficoides afra fruticosa caule lanugine argentea […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ficoides Africana folio terete in villos radiatos abeunte, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ficoides Africana folio triangulari incurvo et dentato, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ficoides Africana, erecta, teretifolia, floribus albis umbellatis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ficoides seu ficus Aizoides Africana minor erecta folio […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A medium brown-colored carving of a woman in a draping dress with a large crown on her veiled head, holding a nude infant with a halo who stands on a pedestal by her side. The child looks up at the woman, who gazes downward.
Figure of the Virgin and Child, Maria Faydherbe (1587–1643)
A painting showing a far-off fire in the distance, along with dark clouds of smoke. In the foreground of the painting, a winding road leads from the viewer's location past fields and a church to reach the town where the fire appears to be taking place.
Fire in a Village, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
Five Men, Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)
Flower Bouquet with Insects, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
A dark vase contains a small flower arrangement with red-and-white striped flowers, white and pink flowers with ruffled edges, a blue iris, and several small yellow flowers. A dragonfly and a butterfly rest on the flowers, while a second butterfly with orange stripes on its black wings has landed on the edge of the table.
Flower Still Life, Maria van Oosterwyck (1630–1693)
A large flower arrangement sits on a table in a carved off-white vase with a lid resting nearby. The flowers are mostly red and orange, with one large sunflower and a few white flowers at teh center, and a lot of greenery at the back of the vase. The vase is carved with human figures, and the lid has a kneeling nude woman on the top.
Flowers in an Ornamental Vase, Maria van Oosterwyck (1630–1693)
Frau mit Haube, Maria Elisabeth Ziesenis (1744–1796)
A light-skinned man with white hair curled above his ears, dark eyes, and a slight double chin stands with one hand at his waist. He is wearing a dark blue coat with bright blue lining and trim, large gold-colored hardware on teh front, and an orange sash across his chest. Beneath the coat and sash, he is wearing a shiny off-white shirt and trousers.
Friedrich Wilhelm II. von Preußen, Anna Dorthea Therbusch (1721–1782)
Frutex scandens petrofelini […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Fucus parvus, atrovirens unifolium […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


Gardenia florida L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
George III, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
A silver teapot with a square-like body, a half-heart shaped handle, and a straight, narrow spout. It has small feet that end in rounded balls.
George III Teapot, Hester Bateman (1708–1794)
A portrait of a light-skinned man with gray hair, a hooked nose, and a slight double chin, shown in a side profile view. He wears a black coat and a tall white collar. The background of the portrait starts blue in the top-left corner and fades to a grayish-blue in the bottom-right.
George Washington, Ellen Wallace Sharples (1769–1849)
A light-skinned man with reddish cheeks, gray hair, and a double chin is shown from the chest up in a round portrait. He wears a blue coat with white lapels and shoulder tassels, and a white ruffled shirt and tall collar.
George Washington, Ellen Wallace Sharples (1769–1849)
Gladiolus, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Gladiolus polystachyus […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Gladiolus tristis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
An illustration of a plant with long, drooping, dark green leaves and pink and yellow flowers with wavy or curly petals and long yellow stamens.
Gloriosa Superba, Mary Delany (1700–1788)
A bright silver goblet with silver beading design around the edge of the foot. The interior is a bright yellow-gold color. The side of the goblet is etched with a coat of arms that includes three acorns, a dragon, and a laurel wreath.
Goblet, Hester Bateman (1708–1794)
A bright yellow bird with black spot all along its body, black wing tips, and a small curved black beak stands next to a brownish butterfly with an eye-like pattern on its wings. Above them both, a much smaller bright blue butterfly is in the air.
Golden Plover with Examples of Two Butterflies, Maria Sibylla Merian (1647–1717)
Goldfinch, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
Grangea latifolia […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Gratiola foliis latioribus serratis Banister […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A greenish-yellow bird is perched on the branch of an evergreen tree, with its head turned skyward. Its body is more green on the head and back, but the stomach, wings, and tail have clear yellow patches. Its beak is small and pointed.
Greenfinch, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
Guajabara alia racemose foliis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


A young woman is depicted from the chest up, reclining against a blue background. She has very light skin, dark brown wavy hair with a blue ribbon tied in it, and blue eyes. She is wearing a white dress or shift, which has been pulled down to reveal her shoulders and both breasts. Her head is turned slightly away from the viewer, and she has a slight smile on her face.
Head of a Young Woman, Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749–1803)
Head of a Young Woman Crowned with Roses, Marie-Geneviève Bouliar (1763–1825)
Helianthus mollis Lamk. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Helleborine radice arundinacea, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Helleborus trifolius […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A black and white image shows a young woman in draping robes with a cone-shaped hat holds flowers to her chest and looks upward, where in the corner of the image clouds surround a seated man haloed in light.
Hellespontine Sibyl, Magdalena van de Passe (1600–1638)
Hesperis foliis laciniatis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Hieracium grandiflorum, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Homme en habit rayé, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Houdon Working on the Bust of Voltaire, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
A black-and-white scene showing a ruined building with a tall arch, a forest with different types of trees, and two men with long rifles striding forward. the image is surrounded by a wide floral border on all sides.
Hunting Scene, Johanna Koerten (1650–1715)
Hura crepitans L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Hydrastis canadensis L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Hyoscyamus physalodes […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


Two young women are in an artist's studio. The woman at the center has light skin, brown curly hair with a white cloth tied in it, and wears a white dress with blue ribbons and red sash. She is holding a paint palette and a long stick of some kind, and looking at an unfinished painting of a girl that is on an easel. Nearby, the other young woman is seated hunched over a drawing board. She has light skin, dark hair tied with blue ribbon, and wears a brownish shiny dress with a white shawl.
Interior of an Atelier of a Woman Painter, Marie-Victoire Lemoine (1754–1820)
A drawing of a flower with three straight, narrow green leaves behind it. The flower has two drooping petals that are purple with white veins, while the rest of the petals are upright and white.
Iris Squalens, Mary Delany (1700–1788)
Isis, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
Ixia, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ixia cepacea Red […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ixia miniate Jacq. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


Jacques Dumont, dit Dumont de Romain, Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734–1772)
An oval shaped portrait of a light-skinned man with long, curly gray hair past his shoulders, blue eyes, and a prominent nose. He wears silver armor with a blue sash, and has a large white collar under his chin.
James II, Susan Penelope Rosse (1652–1700)
Jasminum aliud arborescens […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Jatropha coccinea Vent, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A light skinned young woman wearing a long-sleeved white jacket and white bonnet with blue band is doing needlework in her lap.
Jeune femme à l'ouvrage, Françoise Duparc (1726–1778)
A man with light skin, a hooked nose, and dark blonde hair curled above his ears stands in front of a clay sculpture of a nude man. He appears to be the artist, considering a detail of the sculpture with one hand raised toward it and the other holding a tool. He wears a brown coat and waistcoat.
Joseph Nollekens, Mary Moser (1744–1819)
A light-skinned man with thin lips, thin gray hair, and bright blue eyes is shown from the chest up. He wears a black coat with a tall white collar.
Joseph Priestley, Ellen Wallace Sharples (1769–1849)
Two winged figures, kneeling on clouds, look on with horrified expressions as a third figure, dressed in a simple robe with red, strides forward out of the clouds with arms raised and angry expression.
Judgement of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)
A sepia-toned image of a nude, bearded manreclining on a throne. A large bird with spread wings sits at his feet, and one hand appears to be holding fire or flames.
Jupiter, Maria Katharina Prestel (1747–1794)


Kalankoe aegyptiaca DC, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A small bird with blue-green feathers on its head, back, and wings and pink feathers on its stomach is perched on an autumn or winter tree branch. The bird has a long, slightly curved, pointed beak and small red feet.
Kingfisher, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)


A light-skinned man with whispy gray hair and a receding hairline looks out at the viewer, holding a sack over his shoulder with one hand. He wears a faded blue coat with brass-colored buttons.
L'homme à la besace, Françoise Duparc (1726–1778)
La Madonna con San Gerolamo [after Correggio], Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)
A light-skinned young woman with a long cloth cap and brown adn blue dress is looking out at the viewer. She is wearing some kind of rucksack or pack on her back with items inside it barely visible in the background.
La marchande de tisane, Françoise Duparc (1726–1778)
A light-skinned woman with a lined face and gray hair is seated with her arms crossed, looking out at the viewer. She wears a white dress, off-white apron, and white cap.
La vieille, Françoise Duparc (1726–1778)
Lactuca spinose L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Landscape with Horseman and Trees, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
A landscape showing a reddish-brown stone ruin with an arched doorway into it, alongside a blue stream or pond. The sky above is blue and purple, with a full moon that is reflected into the water..
Landscape with Ruin, Aleida Greve (1670–1742)
A landscape showing a sculpture of two stone angels in the foreground. In the distance, a brown stone building stands near some cliffs, and beyond that in the far distance are mountains.
Landscape with Sculpture, Aleida Greve (1670–1742)
Laurus persea L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Laurus sassafras […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ledum palustre L. Alpes, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Leea crispa L. Asie, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Leonurus sibiricus L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Lilio narcissus sive […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Linnaea borealis L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Lobelia longifolia L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Lord Nelson, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
An all-white sculpture of a man standing with his weight on one leg, leaning one hand against a pillar. He wears a sash belt, a coat with a high collar and long tail, and may have a folded hat tucked into his arm.
Louis Antoine Ange Chicoilet de Corbigny, Julie Charpentier (1770–1843)
A round portrait of a young woman with very light skin, pink lips, and curly brown hair in an updo. She wears a yellow dress witha blue sleeve and looks directly out at the viewer.
Louise Renée de Penancoet de Keroualle, Duchess of Portsmouth, Susan Penelope Rosse (1652–1700)
Ludwigia capsulis oblongis uncialibus, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Lunaria, foliis multifidis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A plant with a light green stem, many narrow oval leaves arranged in circles on smaller stalks, and small white and pink flowers at the top of the branch.
Lupine, Alida Withoos (ca. 1661/62–1730)
Lychnis grandiflora Jacq. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Lycoperdon alpinum maximum […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Lysimachia floridana lutea minor […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


A young woman with light skin and dark curly hair is seated in a side profile, leaning slightly forward. She holds a young child with blonde curls against her with her arm around the child's shoulders. Both lok directly out at the viewer.
Madame Philippe Panon Desbassayns de Richemont (Jeanne Eglé Mourgue, 1778–1855) and Her Son, Eugène (1800–1859), Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)
Madeline tenant un vase de parfums, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
Man with Staff, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)
Margarethe Catarina Moll, Maria Elisabeth Ziesenis (1744–1796)
A sepia-toned drawing of two women from teh shoulders up. One is shown in side profile and has gray curly hair, while the other looks directly at the viewer and has lighter hair.
Marie Gabrielle Capet and Marie Marguerite Carreaux de Rosemond, Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749–1803)
Marie-Joseph Chenier, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
A plant with a dark green stem, a few pointed oval leaves at the bottom, and downward-facing, dark purple flowers with long yellow stamens at the top of the stem.
Martagon Lily, Alida Withoos (ca. 1661/62–1730)
A dark black bronze sculpture bust of a woman with her head tilted downward. She has wavy hair held back with two headbands.
Mary Berry, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
Melongena lauri […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A young person with light skin, wavy blonde hair past their shoulders, and an outfit of bright yellow trimmed in bright blue stands at the center of an outdoor scene with a cane held loosely in one hand. On the ground nearby, a piece of metal chest armor, a helmet with a white feather, a small dog, a human skull, a large shell, and a snail are depicted. Behind the central figure, a snake with an open mouth is winding around the edge of some rocks toward the person's head.
Memorial Portrait of Moses ter Borch (1645-1667), Gesina ter Borch (1631–1690)
Menziezia poliifolia Juss, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Mercurialis spicata faemina Dioscoridis et Plinii, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
The image shows three different views of frogs at the top, the largest and topmost one with spots, the second-biggest with a few stripes, and the smallest a lighter green with fewer spots. Below them, a long curving flower stem with small blue flowers along its length splits top of the page from the bottom. Below the flower border, illustrations show the physical changes of tadpoles into frogs.
Metamorphosis of a Frog and Blue Flower, Maria Sibylla Merian (1647–1717)
Mimosa leucocephala, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Miniature, Mary Benwell (1739–after 1800)
Mme Longrois, née Anne-Félicité Grésille, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
A woman with light skin and gray hair in a tall updo is wearing a blue striped dress and a hair covering that ties in a large bow beneath her chin. In her lap she holds a long-haired lap dog and a basket of fruit that may be cherries. The woman has a slight smile on her face.
Mme. Louis-Suzanne-Clere Carterdon de Barmont, née Augustine-Suzanne Roslin, Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734–1772)
Two women sit on opposite sides of a table draped with cloth. The woman on the nearer side of the table has light skin, light brown or blonde hair, and is wearing a long-sleeved white dress, and she is holding an infant in her arms as it reaches for her face. On the opposite side of the table, the other young woman leans forward with her arms crossed over her chest, elbows on the table. She has light skin, dark curly hair, and wears a light-colored short sleeved dress.
Motherhood, Marguerite Gérard (1761–1837)
Mrs. Freeman as Isis, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
An oval portrait of a light-skinned woman with pale blonde or gray hair in a large updo. Her clothing is white and pink, with a draped neckline.
Mrs. Pru Phillips, Susan Penelope Rosse (1652–1700)
Music Company, Margaretha Wulfraet (1678–1760)


Ocymum grandiflorum L’Her. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ocymum, spica florum laxa et longa, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Olea fragrans, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Onagra angustifolia, flore luteo frutu tetragono, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ornithogalum Africanum […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ornithogalum viride Juss, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


Paeonia tenuifolia […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Palma humilis, radiata, latifolia, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Parthenium integrifolium […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Peltaria alliacea […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Penthorum Linn. Gen. Coroll. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Peucedanum majus Italicum […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Phalangium albucoides […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Phalangium elatum […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Phlomis tuberosa L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Phyllanthus grandifolia L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Phytolacca dioica L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Phytolacca dodecandra L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Pittonia, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Pittonia arborescens chamaedrifolia major, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Pittonia frutescens, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Plectranthus punctatus […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Polemonium reptans L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Polygala penea L. Antilles, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Polygonum sagittatum L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Porophyllum foliis oblongis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Portesia ou Ehretia, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Portrait Bust of Elizabeth Lamb, Viscountess Melbourne, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
Portrait de dame, Pauline Auzou (1775–1835)
A woman with light skin, pink cheeks, and a large, curly gray updo is seated at a writing table. She wears an all-white outfit including a shiny dress with 3/4 sleeves, a slightly see-through polka-dot shawl around her neck, and a see-through polka-dot cap over the top of her hair. In one hand she holds a white quill pen to a sheet of paper, while the other hand holds a white handkerchief.
Portrait de femme, Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749–1803)
A man, a woman, and two very young children, all with light skin and hair, are seated together on a red velvet couch. The man wears a green coat and looks at the woman seated next to him, with one arm around the shoulder of a young child standing near his knee. The woman is wearing a white dress and a large white bow in her hair, and she is holding an infant in her lap as she looks out at the viewer.
Portrait de Monsieur Olive, trésorier des États de Bretagne, avec sa famille, Marie-Geneviève Bouliar (1763–1825)
A woman with very light skin and an dark hair swept into an updo looks directly out at the viewer. She wears pearl earrings and a long pearl necklace, along with a pale pink dress with an ivory-colored bow. The painting is an oval shape and at the top it has a loop for a chain to attach to the portrait.
Portrait miniature of Mrs. Bradney, Mary Benwell (1739–after 1800)
A man and a woman are shown together at a desk. The woman has light skin, dark hair, and wears a white dress and bow headpiece as she sits at the desk turning the page of a large book, with her head turned to look away from the desk. Behind her, a man with light skin, gray hair with a widow's peak, and a gray coat over a yellow waistcoat leans against the back of the chair on one arm, the other resting on his hip.
Portrait of a Couple, Marguerite Gérard (1761–1837)
Portrait of a Girl, Bust Length, Pauline Auzou (1775–1835)
A young woman with light skin, rosy cheeks, and dark curly hair is shown from the waist up, looking out at the viewer. She wears a rusty orange and blue gown that exposes the tops of her shoulders.
Portrait of a Lady, Mary Beale (1633–1699)
A woman with very light skin, pink cheeks, and dark brown curly hair stands with one arm across her chest and looking away to her right. She is wearing a pale blue dress that ties at the shoulders, and is gripping a yellow wrap or shawl that is draped over one shoulder and around her waist.
Portrait of a Lady, Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)
A young woman with very light skin, very pink cheeks and lips, and a large updo of curly dark brown hair is shown from the waist up. She wears a dark orange-colored dress with long sleeves and a white ruffled neckline and wrists, as well as flowers that may be roses in her hair.
Portrait of a Lady, Marie-Victoire Lemoine (1754–1820)
A round portrait of a seated, light-skinned woman with red hair that is going white or gray near the roots, and a young child with light skin and dark brown hair standing next to her. The woman wears a lacy cap with a bow, a transluscent white shawl, and a purple or red striped gown, while the child wears a yellow dress with a white collar and sleeves.
Portrait of a Lady and Child, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Portrait of a Lady Wearing an Oyster Satin Dress, Joan Carlile (ca. 1606–1679)
An oval-shaped portrait of a light-skinned woman with brown hair swept back from her face, with a yellow cloth or veil draped over the top and back of her head. She wears a bright blue dress with a wide neckline, and no jewelry.
Portrait of a Lady, called Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, Susan Penelope Rosse (1652–1700)
A light-skinned man with light hair and a goatee and dark eyes stands with one hand on his waist, the other gripping the handle of a sword or walking-stick. He wears a black jacket with short cap sleeves and three diagonal slashes on each side of the chest, and a shiny white long-sleeved shirt underneath.
Portrait of a Man, Caterina van Hemessen (1528–after 1565)
Portrait of a Man in a Brown Coat and Light Yellow Vest, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Portrait of a Musician, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
A man with dark brown, slightly curly hair and light skin with rosy cheeks is seated at a desk with his hand to his chin. He wears a black jacket and a white shirt with a tallcollar that reaches his ears and chin, and a ring on his smallest finger.  On the desk behind him, sheet music and a feather pen are positioned for writing.
Portrait of a Musician, Pauline Auzou (1775–1835)
A light-skinned woman with light brown hair tied back with a lavender ribbon is seated in a chair. She wears a white dress trimmed with the same lavender ribbon as her hair. In her lap, she holds a violin upright with one hand and turns the page of a book of sheet music with the other, while the violin bow lays across her lap.
Portrait of a Violinist, Anne Vallayer-Coster (1744–1818)
Portrait of a Woman, Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734–1772)
A woman wearing a black dress with a large, disc-shaped white ruff and a close-fitting white cap that covers nearly all of her hair looks directly at the viewer.  She has medium-light skin, very rosy pink cheeks and nose, and in one hand she holds a small book with a dark cover.
Portrait of a Woman, Judith Leyster (1609–1660)
Portrait of a Woman Holding a Letter, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
A light-skinned woman with dark eyes and reddish hair beneath a white cap stands with her hands held together in front of her waist. She wears an outfit of black and gray, with a high collar that reaches her chin. Around her neck, a reddish necklace or chain is knotted and reaches almost to her waist.
Portrait of a Woman, Probably a Self-Portrait, Caterina van Hemessen (1528–after 1565)
A light-skinned woman with curled brown hair is seated leaning against a table on one elbow. She wears a dress with a black bodice, red skirt, and white sleeves, and has a pearl necklace and earrings. She is playing with of the many bracelets on her wrists and looking directly at the viewer.
Portrait of a Woman, Sitting at a Table with a Watch, Adriana Spilberg (1650–ca.1700)
A young girl is shown from a side profile. She has light skin, brown hair swept into an updo, and holds her hands just above her lap. She is wearing dark clothing with a white neckline, which is worn low and exposes her shoulders and upper chest.
Portrait of a Young Girl, Mary Beale (1633–1699)
A young girl is standing outdoors, holding a basket of cut flowers and looking directly at the viewer. She has very light skin, pink cheeks, and dark blonde curly  hair that has a blue ribbon and small flowers in it. She wears a cream-colored dress with a ruffled lacy neckline and a purple sash that continues down the back of the skirt.
Portrait of a Young Girl, Marie-Victoire Lemoine (1754–1820)
A young woman with light skin, medium brown hair underneath a gold-colored cap, and dark eyes stands with her hands crossed in front of her waist. She wears a black dress with white lower sleeves, a row of gold buttons down teh front, three large gold chains around her neck, and a large gold chain around her waist.
Portrait of a Young Lady, Caterina van Hemessen (1528–after 1565)
A young man with light skin, a round face, and shoulder-length, curly brown hair is shown from the chest up. He wears a mustard-yellow shirt beneath a reddish-brown cloak or wrap. He looks down and away from the viewer with a serious expression.
Portrait of a Young Man, Michaelina Wautier (1604–1689)
Portrait of a Young Woman, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Portrait of a Young Woman, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A woman with very light skin, blonde curls, and a red dress with white sash is seated at an outdoor table that has fruit spread over it. She is holding a bunch of grapes in one hand, while a hawk is perched on her other hand. In the background are evergreen trees, a large hill, and a single brown house.
Portrait of a Young Woman with Bird, Aleida Greve (1670–1742)
Portrait of Abraham Scheurleer, Margaretha Wulfraet (1678–1760)
Portrait of Adelaide Binart, Marie-Geneviève Bouliar (1763–1825)
A light-skinned infant with pink cheeks and dark eyes is dressed in pink with white lace.
Portrait of Alexandre-Antoine Roslin, Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734–1772)
Portrait of an Unidentified Man, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
A woman with light skin, dark shoulder-length curls, and a shiny silver gown stands in front of a dark landscape background with trees.
Portrait of an Unknown Lady, Joan Carlile (ca. 1606–1679)
A light-skinned man with shoulder-length curly brown hair and a long brown robe stands in front of sevveral outdoor sculptures. The sculptures take the form of a large pitcher-like shape on a square base, with cherubs wrestling  decorating the side, and a white stone fountain that is also decorated with cherubs. In the far distance, a large house is visible.
Portrait of an Unknown Man, Aleida Greve (1670–1742)
Portrait of an Unknown Man, Margaretha Wulfraet (1678–1760)
A light-skinned woman with brown hair and a black dress stands in a landscaped garden. She is leaning with one arm on a planter that contains a miniature fruit tree bearing appples or oranges, with angels decorating teh bottom of the planter. Behind her, large sculptural shrubs are visible, as well as a fountain and a peacock.
Portrait of an Unknown Woman, Aleida Greve (1670–1742)
Portrait of Anne-Felicite Grielle, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
A young person with light skin, gray hair curled over the ears, and dark eyes stands with one arm resting on a basket of flowers, the other holding a rake diagonally in front of their body. The person wears a bright red jacket and red pants, and the jack is open to expose the white shirt beneath.  On their head is a straw-colored hat with a flower on the brim.
Portrait of Antoine-Vincent-Louis-Barbe Duplas, Marianne Loir (1715–1769)
Portrait of Assueer Jan Torck, Margaretha Wulfraet (1678–1760)
A young person with light skin and pale blonde hair is shown from the waist up. They wear a dark blue coat, brown gloves, a high white collar, and a black hat that may be of fur. Their arms are crossed at the wrist and in one hand the end of a cane is grasped and held up under the opposite armpit.
Portrait of Auguste Vestris, Adèle Romany (1769–1846)
A grayish-white bust of the head and chest of a woman, set on a square base decorated with flowers. The woman wears a wrapped and draped cloth that covers her neck, head, and forehead, leaving only a small portion of her face from teh eyebrows to the chin visible. Part of her braided hair pokes out of the wrap at ear level.
Portrait of Clémence Isaure, Julie Charpentier (1770–1843)
Portrait of Countess of Coventry, Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734–1772)
A dark bronze portrait bust of a man with short, receding hair, lines at the corners of his eyes, and a faint smile. He has a scarf tied around his neck and looks away to the viewer's right.
Portrait of Étienne-Maurice Falconet, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
A man with short, receding hair, laugh lines at the corners of his eyes, and a faint smile. He has a scarf tied high up around his neck.
Portrait of Étienne-Maurice Falconet, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
A black and white image of a seated man with crossed legs, a dark coat, a tall white collar, and a receding hairline. He leans on one elbow against a table covered in papers and books as he gazes directly out toward the viewer.
Portrait of Franz Joseph Gall, Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)
A woman with very light skin, very pink cheeks, and long dark hair that is gray at the roots is seated at a table, looking out at the viewer. She wears a royal blue dress with brown or black fur trim and white lace at the ends of the sleeves, a short choker-like necklace around her neck, and holds a flower in one hand. In her other hand, she holds what may be a pen or pencil.
Portrait of Gabrielle Emilie Le Tonnelier de Breteuil, Marquise du Chatelet, Marianne Loir (1715–1769)
Portrait of Helena Fourment en Frans Rubens, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)
Portrait of Henrik Vilhelm Peill, Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734–1772)
Portrait of Houdon, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Portrait of Jacques Dumont, Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734–1772)
Portrait of Jean-Dominique Larrey, Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)
Portrait of Jeanne Marie de la Motte Guion, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
A smiling, light-skinned young man with thin, wavy brown hair that nearly reaches his shoulders. He is seated sideways on a chair with his arms crossed to rest on its back, and he looks away slightly to the right. He is wearing a brown coat, a red-and-black striped waistcoat, and a white shirt with a tall collar.
Portrait of Joachim Lebreton, Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749–1803)
A man with shoulder-length wavy hair, a pencil mustache, and a large hooked nose looks out at the viewer. He wears acoat or shirt with a wide, high collar that ends right below the chin.
Portrait of Johan de Witt, Johanna Koerten (1650–1715)
An oval portrait drawn in red showing the profile of a young man with a prominent nose and short curly hair tied back with a string.
Portrait of Julius Caesar, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
A light-skinned woman with rosy cheeks and a large, elaborate updo of gray hair stands in front of an easel with an artwork on it. She is wearing a red dress with a white ruffled front and skirt, a white cap over the top of her hair, and holds a white cloth in one hand. The image on teh easel shows the faces of three men, overlapping and in profile. The entire painting is framed in an elaborate gold frame with a crest and laurels at the top.
Portrait of Madame Adélaïde, Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749–1803)
A woman with very light skin, gray hair with a few curls that has been pulled into an updo with roses, and a shiny blue dress is seated, the top of her dress pulled down to allow an infant in her arms to breastfeed. The woman is turned to face another young child with light skin and blonde hair, who stands alongside her looking into her face with one arm on the back of her chair.
Portrait of Madame Charles Mitoire with Her Children, Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749–1803)
A seated woman with light skin, pink cheeks, and gray curly hair looks out with a serious expression. She is wearing a blue dress, green gloves, a whie scarf and collar that reach her chin, and a white lace cap with ribbon bows on her hair, so that only her face and part of her hair is uncovered.In one hand, she holds a closed folding fan.
Portrait of Madame de Genlis, Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749–1803)
Portrait of Madame Deshoulières, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
Portrait of Madame Grassini, Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)
A light-skinned woman with dark hair is wearing a white dress that is nearly the same color as her skin, and is seated on a chair in a room decorated with tapestries, rugs, and paintings. By her knee, a young child with light skin and curls leans against her knee and looks up at the woman. The woman looks out at the viewer and holds up the index finger of one hand, as if indicating that they should wait.
Portrait of Madame Marie-Alexandre Vincent and Her Son André, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Portrait of Madame Martin de Lesseps, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
A young woman with light skin and dark curly hair stands next to a tree with one arm crossed over her stomach, the other crossed over her chest to rest near her opposite shoulder. She is wearing a draped white dress fastened at the shoulders, which has slipped off the shoulder nearest the viewer, and a white cloth wrapped around her hair.
Portrait of Madame Récamier, Eulalie Morin (1765–1837)
A young black woman with dark brown eyes is seated in a side profile, with her head turned to look out directly at the viewer with a serious expression. She wears a white cloth wrapped around her head and a loose white dress. The the arm facing the viewer has been taken out of its sleeve to rest on the woman's lap and the dress pulled down to reveal her bare breast.
Portrait of Madeleine, Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)
Portrait of Mademoiselle Carnot, Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)
Portrait of Maria Wetsteyn, Margaretha Wulfraet (1678–1760)
Portrait of Marianne Elisa Bonaparte, Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)
A man with light skin, pink cheeks and nose,  blue eyes, and gray hair is shown seated from the waist up. He wears a bright blue coat that has elaborate silver trim around the edges and cuffs. He is leaning against the back of the chair with one arm, the index of that hand slightly extended and pointing downward.
Portrait of Marie-Joseph Peyre, Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734–1772)
An all-white portrait bust of the head of a young woman who gazes downard. She wears a scarf over her hair, holding it back away from her face.
Portrait of Mary Cathcart, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
Portrait of Napoleone-Elisa Bacciochi, Countess Camerata, Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)
Portrait of Pauline Bonaparte, Princess Borghese, Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)
A dark bronze portrait bust of a man with short hair curled above his ears and a serious expression.
Portrait of Pierre-Étienne Falconet, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
Portrait bust of a man with a serious expression and short hair curled above his ears. He is looking away to the right of the viewer.
Portrait of Pierre-Étienne Falconet, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
Portrait of Sculptor Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734–1772)
Portrait of Simon Charles Miger, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Portrait of the artist's daughter Alexandrine-Élisabeth Roslin, Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734–1772)
Portrait of the Empress Marie-Louise, Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)
Portrait Study of Peter the Great, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
Portulacaria afra Jacq. Cap., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Pothos faetida Mich […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Presumed portrait of Etienne Noël Damilaville, Marie-Anne Collot (1748–1821)
Presumed Portrait of Madame Elisabeth, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Presumed Portrait of Mademoiselle Mars, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Princess Caroline of Wales, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
Prunus caroliniana Wild, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


Quamoclit pennatum erectum floribus in Thrsum digestis, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Queen Charlotte when Princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Maria Elisabeth Ziesenis (1744–1796)
An oval-shaped portrait of a woman with very light skin and very light blonde hair, who has her head turned away to the left. She wears a double necklace of pearls, a pale pink dress with puffy white sleeves, and a hat that is the same pale pink with large white feathers.
Queen Marie-Antoinette, Anne Vallayer-Coster (1744–1818)


Rajania hastata […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Randia foliis subrotundis Lucidis, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Randia mitis, L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ranunculus hirsutus, fructu oblongo, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Rauvolfia tetraphylla latifolia […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Rauwolfia nitida […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Rheum palmatum, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Rhexia mariana L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Rhododendron maximum L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A glass goblet with raspberry-like glass shapes affixed all around the short stem of the glass. The bowl has an ornate, swirling script etched all around it.
Roemer, Anna Roemer Visscher (1583–1651)
A glass goblet with glass spikes protruding from the short stem. The bowl of the glass is etched with a dragonfly and flower.
Roemer, Anna Roemer Visscher (1583–1651)
A glass goblet with spike-like glass projectections from the short stem. The bowl of the glass is etched with words in an ornate, swirling script.
Roemer with a poem to Constantijn Huygens, Anna Roemer Visscher (1583–1651)
Roioc humifusum fructu cupressino […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A small bunch of roses tied with a blue ribbon are laid down on a table. A white butterfly has landed on the petals of the rose.
Roses and Butterfly, Maria van Oosterwyck (1630–1693)
Royena lucida L. Cap., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Rubia tinctorum sativa, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Rudbeckia purpurea […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Ruellia pedunculis multifloris dichotomis folio, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


A black and white image of a man wearing a long robe, the top of his head shaved, holding an infant child in a woodland scene. Both he and the child are crowned with halos and several cherubs surround them. Evenly spaced in the floral border around the image are image of eight angels or saints whose faces are turned toward the man and child at the center.
Saint Anthony of Padua, Johanna Koerten (1650–1715)
Saint Cecilia surrounded by Mary Magdalene, Saint John, Saint Paul, and Saint Augustine, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
A round, slightly tarnished silver plate or flat dish with a silver beading decoration around teh edge. A coat of arms is etched in the center of the dish. In the tarnish, six circles are visible where something rested on the dish.
Salver, Hester Bateman (1708–1794)
Salvia foliis cordatis serratis flore parvo violaceo et albo, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Salvia frutescens, floribus coccineis, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Salvia labio corollae superiori breviore fauce patente, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Salvia nilotica, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A woman in a draping dress is seated beneath a tree playing a lyre. At her feet, two winged cherubs hold instruments and gaze up at her adoringly.
Sappho, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)
A light-skinned woman with pale brown or dark blonde hair is shown in a side profile view. She wears a grayish bow with small flowers in her hair, a light-colored dress with a shawl tied over her shoulders, and a choker-style necklace worn high on her neck.
Sarah Lloyd Hillhouse, Ellen Wallace Sharples (1769–1849)
Satureia Americana frutescens foliis linearibus dentatis, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Saxifraga crassifolia L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Saxifraga pensylvanica L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A bright red bird with red legs and feet, a long, curved black beak, and black tips on its wings is shown from a side profile view. Behind it, a large white egg is also shown.
Scarlet Ibis with an Egg, Maria Sibylla Merian (1647–1717)
A sepia-toned image depicting two boats, one larger with multiple masts and one smaller with a single mast and two oars, in the foreground. In teh distance, several more boats with tall masts and sails are visible without much detail.
Seascape, Maria Katharina Prestel (1747–1794)
Sebestena domestica, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Sedum aïzoon L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Self-portrait, Mary Benwell (1739–after 1800)
A woman with light skin and dark blonde or light brown hair is shown from the chest up. She wears a white shawl tied around her shoulders, and looks slightly away from the viewer.
Self-Portrait, Marie-Geneviève Bouliar (1763–1825)
Self-Portrait, Marie-Geneviève Bouliar (1763–1825)
Self-Portrait, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Self-Portrait, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Self-Portrait, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
Self-Portrait, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
Self-Portrait, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)
Self-Portrait, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
Self-Portrait, Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734–1772)
A woman with light skin and dark hair is seated before an easel, turned to look out at the viewer while leaning back on her chair with one elbow and the hand with her paint palette resting in her lap. She has a dark dress with a large, disc-shaped collar with lace trim around the edge, and she is holding a paintbrush loosely in her hand. On the easel before her, an incomplete painting of a young man dressed in blue with a violin is visible.
Self-Portrait, Judith Leyster (1609–1660)
A woman with very light skin, rosy cheeks, and light brown curly hair sits at an easel holding a palette and brushes. She wears a black dress with white skirts and a white collar or shawl over her shoulders, and she gazes out at the viewer with a serious expression.
Self-Portrait, Michaelina Wautier (1604–1689)
A woman with light skin, gray hair, and a lined face is seated, leaning forward with a book in her hand. She is turned to look at the viewer, and has a monocle affixed to her head in front of one eye. She is wearing a pale blue skirt with an off-white or gray shirt or shawl and a veil over her hair.
Self-Portrait, Anna Dorthea Therbusch (1721–1782)
A woman with light skin, rosy cheeks, and curly gray hair is shown from teh chest up. She is wearing a bright pink or red dress which has slipped to expose one shoulder, along with a black hat trimmed with feathers the same color as her dress.
Self-Portrait, Anna Dorthea Therbusch (1721–1782)
A light-skinned woman with curly reddish-blonde hair, red lips, and a large pearl earring stands in front of a blue drape and looks directly at the viewer. She wears a black dress with a high white lace neck and puffy sleeves, and in one hand she holds a folding fan. Below the image are nine lines of handwritten text, which are not in English.
Self-Portrait, Gesina ter Borch (1631–1690)
A young girl with light skin and a very close-fitting black cap over her hair is shown holding paintbrushes and palette as she stands at an easel with a painting of a man in a hat. The girl wears a white dress with geometric pattern in blue and white on the front chest, a red overskirt, and a large black and gold collar. She looks directly out at the viewer.
Self-Portrait at Age Twelve, Anna Waser (1678–1714)
A young woman with very light skin, large dark eyes, reddish-brown hair, and a serious expression sits at an easel with paintbrushes and palette in her hands. She wears a white cap over her hair and a black dress with red sleeves. She looks directly out at the viewer.
Self-Portrait at the Easel, Caterina van Hemessen (1528–after 1565)
Self-Portrait of Marie Guilhelmine, Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768–1826)

Self-Portrait with Her Teacher, Maurice Quentin de La Tour, Marie-Suzanne Giroust (1734–1772)
A young woman with light skin and pale blonde hair looks out at the viewer. She has a white cloth wrapped around the top part of her updo, and she wears a red dress with a white shawl.
Self-Portrait with Turban, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)
A light-skinned woman in a blue dress with a large feathered hat is seated at an easel, holding a paint palette and looking directly at the viewer. Behind her, two younger women, both with light skin and dressed in muted colors, look over the back of her chair at what the seated woman is painting.
Self-Portrait with Two Pupils, Marie Gabrielle Capet and Marie Marguerite Carreaux de Rosemond, Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749–1803)
Sempervivum canariense L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Serratula foliis lanceolato oblongis serratis […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Serratula squarrosa L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Sesuvium portulacastrum L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
An off-white sculpture of a dog seated on its hind legs, looking back over its shoulder. It has a short snout and long, slightly curled hair all over its body, with longer hair around the head and ears.
Shock Dog, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
Sibthorpia parisiana Hort. Paris […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Sideritis orientalis scordioides, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Sideroxylon atrovirens Lamk […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Sideroxylon lycioides L. Amer sept, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Sideroxylon melanophleum L. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Sideroxylon spinosum L. Afrique sept, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Silphium laciniatum […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A young-looking man with shoulder-length blonde hair and dark eyes wears a puffy red shirt with gold decoration. He is shown from the chest up in a round portrait.
Sir Basil Dixwell, Mary Beale (1633–1699)
A bust of a man with short hair brushed away from his face, and a serious, intent expression. He has a jacket with a high collar and a flower on the left chest.
Sir Joseph Banks, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
Sir Joseph Banks, Wearing Star of Order of the Bath, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
Sketch of Group of Figures, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)
A young boy with light skin, pale blonde curls, and blue eyes is shown looking out and slightly away from the viewer. He is shown from the shoulders up.
Sketch of the Artist’s Son, Bartholomew Beale, facing left, Mary Beale (1633–1699)
A small bird with a white head and rear and an orange and black midsection and wings is on a tree branch with leaves. The mdisection of its body is mostly orange underneath, with areas of black speckles or bands on the back and wings. The bird looks like it has just landed or is just taking off from the branch because its wings are half-open.
Snowbunting, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
Solanum marginatum […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Solanum tomentosum […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Songbirds under a Tree, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
Sphaerantos folio oblongo minor […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Spilanthus oleracea fusca […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A vase of flowers, including daffodils and irises, is shown. The flowers are different shapes and sizes, and their colors are reds, yellows, and whites.
Spring, Mary Moser (1744–1819)
A black and white image shows two figures, one man and one woman, outdoors together. The man looks upward toward a tree with a bird and a small cage in it, while the woman kneels and grips a plant by the stalk. Near their feet are a small dog and a grazing sheep.
Spring, Magdalena van de Passe (1600–1638)
A light-skinned woman with curly gray hair, a white dress with a draped front and very high collar, and a straw hat with ribbons is shown from the waist up, looking directly out at the viewer from a round portrait.
Stéphanie Félicité Ducrest de St-Aubin, countess de Genlis, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Three dead birds are shown. One small bird with a red mark on its head and black wingtips is laid on its side on top of a brown wooden table. The other two birds are suspended by their legs from a pole above the table with tied string. One of the birds is small and mostly brown, with a white belly. The other bird is much larger than the other two, with a red face, grayish-brown neck and body, and golden-brown wings. It has a large spot of blood on its stomach.
Still Life, Aleida Greve (1670–1742)
A table is laid out with a variety of deceased birds, including a duck with a green head and a quail, both in a basket, and a chicken alongside it. A hawk is alive and perched on the edge of the basket. Next to the birds is a stack fo white bowls and some seashells in different shapes and colors.
Still Life with a Sparrow Hawk, Fowl, Porcelain and Shells, Clara Peeters (ca. 1587–after 1636)
An arrangement of produce is shown on a table. On the left is a glass dish with a reddish or orange colored food inside; next to it is a piece of round bread and a pile of pale orange fruit that may be peaches; and piled up on the far right is a bunch of long, skinny radishes.
Still Life with Brioche, Fruit, and Vegetables, Anne Vallayer-Coster (1744–1818)
A table has a large half wheel of cheese on a platter, with another smaller chunk of cheese next to it and stacked above, with a smaller plate stacked on top of the cheese pile. In front of the platter, several pretzels lay on the table and almonds are in a blue porcelain dish. Behind all of this, bread, a liquor decanter, and a wine jug are nearby.
Still Life with Cheeses, Almonds, and Pretzels, Clara Peeters (ca. 1587–after 1636)
A table is stacked with food on two silver platters. On the smaller platter, a halved artichoke is sitting up next to a few bright red cherries. On the larger platter, half a wheel of cheese sits with a a smaller wedge next to it, a third wedge on top, and a small plate on top of the cheese pile. A metal jar or canister is nearby. In front of the platters, a round loaf and three cherries sit directly on the table.
Still Life with Cheeses, Artichoke, and Cherries, Clara Peeters (ca. 1587–after 1636)
A table with a silver tablecloth is spread with food. The largest platters contain one crab, at the left, many shrimps, in the center, and one large lobster, on the right. In front of the seafood platters, three different kinds of baked breads or loaves are arranged, along with a bowl of eggs. Behind the seafood, a large stack of half-wheels of cheese is displayed, along with a glass wine vessel and a metal wine jug.
Still Life with Crab, Shrimps, and Lobster, Clara Peeters (ca. 1587–after 1636)
A table is spread with two platters of whole fish, some big and some small, with a few shrimps on the table in front of the platters and five or six small crabs off to one side. Behind teh seafood, a whole artichoke is in a metal colander next to an unlit candle and a jug.
Still Life with Fish, a Candle, Artichokes, Crab and Prawns, Clara Peeters (ca. 1587–after 1636)
A plate with one large shrimp and one small shrimp sits on a table. In front of this plate, several seashells, five shrimps, and two oysters on a silver platter also sit on the table.
Still Life with Fish, Oysters, and Shrimps, Clara Peeters (ca. 1587–after 1636)
A table is set with food and flowers. On the left, a vase contains roses, daffodils, tulips, and other colorful flowers. Next to it, in the center of the image, a large white bowl contains dried fruit and nuts, with a gold-colored goblet in front of the bowl near the edge of the table. To the right of the bowl and goblet, a silver platter has several breadsticks and pretzels on it. Behind these, a glass containing red wine and a dark gray pitcher with a long spout are also shown.
Still Life with Flowers, a Silver-Gilt Goblet, Almonds, Dried Fruit, Sweetmeats, Bread Sticks, Wine, and a Pewter Pitcher, Clara Peeters (ca. 1587–after 1636)
A table with a silvery-blue tablecloth is set with a roast bird, green olives, a pie with a geometric pattern on the top, a bread roll, and an orange. Behind the food, a silver cylinder with salt on top is next to a gold-colored drinking vessel with a very wide, very shallow bowl. On the other side, a wine glass with liquid and a cream-colored pitcher.
Still life with Tazza, Jug, Saltcellar, Clara Peeters (ca. 1587–after 1636)
A plant with a curving, medium-green stem, pointed light green leaves, and fuzzy-looking, trumpet shaped flowers at the end of the stem.
Study of a Hanekam (Celosia argentea), Alida Withoos (ca. 1661/62–1730)
A sepia-toned drawing of a seated woman, shown from the waist up in a side profile view. Her dress or shirt has slipped down, revealing her bare upper arm and back, and her dark wavy hair is partially wrapped in a light-colored turban. She has a dangling earring in her ear, and she her head is turned so that she can look out the corner of her eye to the right.
Study of a Seated Woman Seen from Behind (Marie-Gabrielle Capet), Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (1749–1803)
Two different plants are shown side by side. On the right is a green stem with yellow, slightly wavy flowers and three thin green leaves. On the left is a brown stem with rounder green leaves and two white flowers. A red beetle has landed on one of the leaves near the flowers.
Study of Capers, Gorse, and a Beetle, Maria Sibylla Merian (1647–1717)
A pencil sketch of the figures of two women wearing dresses, one with her head turned to look over her right shoulder, and the other looking forward while leaning to the right. Both figures are sketchy and have overlapping lines where parts of the figure were redrawn.
Study of Two Women, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)
A vase of flowers that includes mostly white and pink flowers with a few red and blue ones mixed in.
Summer, Mary Moser (1744–1819)


Talinum patens Wild [..], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Teucrium canadense, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Teucrium massiliense, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Thalictroides / Saraceni, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Thame, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
The atelier of Madame Vincent, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
An infant child with pale skin and blonde curls is seated in a small red sled or cart with gold trim, filled with cushions, blankets, and pink cut flowers. A young woman with very light skin, medium brown curly hair, and a long white dress looks back over her shoulder and holds a pink or red cloth to pull the cart along. Behind the cart, another light-skinned woman wearing white appears to be pushing the cart from behind. Two white dogs run alongside.
The Beloved Child, Marguerite Gérard (1761–1837)
The Carlile Family with Sir Justinian Isham in Richmond Park, Joan Carlile (ca. 1606–1679)
A young woman with light skin, blonde curly hair under a white cap, and a shiny blue dress is seated next to a table holding a guitar-like instrument and looking at the young man standing near her. He has light skin, brown curly hair, and a red fur-trimmed cloak over his blue jacket, and looks back at the seated woman. Another young woman with blonde hair stands behind the table looking on, and a young child in a white dress wiht a blue sash looks down toward her own feet.
The Hussar and his Family, Marguerite Gérard (1761–1837)
A man with medium-light skin, red cheeks and nose, and short hair is seated at a small table, looking over his shoulder at the viewer.. He is wearing a gray coat and a black cap with a large read feather. In his hands, he holds up an empty jug.
The Jolly Drinker, Judith Leyster (1609–1660)
Two young men and a skeleton are in a shadowy room. One of the men wears a bright red coat and pants, and in one hand he holds a flask of drink while the other raised hand holds a long cigarette of some kind. He has undone his waistcoat and his undershirt, exposing part of his chest. His companion wears blue pants and a dark coat, and is leaning back drinking from a large flask. Behind him, the skeleton holds a second human skull and leans forward as if carefully watching what the two young men are doing.
The Last Drop, Judith Leyster (1609–1660)
A black and white image shows a large stepped pyramid with a carved obelisk next to it. Below, small figures carry and chisel blocks of stone. In the foreground, a barefoot and bare-chested man with a crown sits holding a scepter and looking skyward.
The Pyramids of Egypt from the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Magdalena van de Passe (1600–1638)
A man with medium-light skin and dark hair is playing a lute and looking upward and away from the viewer out of the corners of his eyes, his mouth slightly open. He is wearing a green shirt with black and white vertical stripes and white lacy collar and cuffs, and red pants with wide black vertical stripes. He appears to also wear a large hat with a dark feather or fur trim.
The Serenade, Judith Leyster (1609–1660)
The Vintage, Élisabeth Sophie Chéron (1648–1711)
An off-white carving shows a woman in a long, loose dress holding a very young child against her with one arm. She holds a length of cloth draped over her other arm, while the child appears to be holding a ball in one hand. Both gaze downward.
The Virgin and Child, Maria Faydherbe (1587–1643)
Thevetia, Linn, Hort […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Thistle with Insects, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
Thlaspi saxatile […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Tithonia tagetiflora Desf. […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Tithymalus Aegyptius, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Two young boys with light skin, one with dark curly hair and one with straight blonde hair, are positioned near each other. The blonde child wears dark clothing and holds a hat, and is looking up at a soap bubble that is just above and to one side of his head. The dark-haired boy is seated, with a red cloth draped over one shoulder, holding a straw to his mouth and soap in the other hand. Nearby, a candle has gone out and a book fallen askew off the table.
Two Boys Blowing Bubbles, Michaelina Wautier (1604–1689)
Two young girls, both with light skin and blonde hair, stand next to a table with a basket of apples and roses. One girl holds a large leaf and wears a green dress with white sleeves, while the other wears a pink dress with a large yellow cloak wrapped around her, resting her hand on the head of a lamb.
Two Girls as Saints Agnes and Dorothea, Michaelina Wautier (1604–1689)
Two Sleeping Dogs, Anne Seymour Damer (1748–1828)
Two Studies of Mother Holding Child, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)


A group of five people are gathered outside near a piano. At the center, a light-skinned young woman with a red necklace, white dress, and dark hair in an updo leans one arm on a stack of books on the piano, a sheet of paper in the other hand. Next to her, a light-skinned and dark-haired boy behind the piano points at the sheet music. On the woman's other side, two women are seated on benches, one an older light-skinned woman with slightly hunched posture and a cream-colored shawl and the other a light-skinned woman with dark hair, a white bonnet, and a bright red dress. Behind the two seated women, a man with light skin, white hair, and a dark coat stands holding a print or drawing.
Une jeune personne hesitant a toucher du piano devant sa famille, Adèle Romany (1769–1846)
An oval portrait of a light-skinned man with long, dark-blonde curly hair past his shoulders and a round face. He is wearing silver armor and a large white lacy collar, and is looking to his right out of the corners of his eyes.
Unknown Man, Susan Penelope Rosse (1652–1700)


Valeriana sibirica L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A blue vase of flowers is shown with a small flower arrangement. The central flowers are pale pinks and white, with other flowers that are yellow, light blue, or purple.
Vase of Flowers, Anne Vallayer-Coster (1744–1818)
Veltheimia abyssina, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Verbena Americana […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Virgin and Child, Maria Faydherbe (1587–1643)
Vitis trifolia uva corymbosax […], Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
Volkameria L., Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)


A green striped squash plant with its curling vines and leaves takes up most of the image, with a slice cut out of the length of the squash to show the seeds and flesh inside. A large caterpillar that is blue on either end and green in the middle, with red and yellow tufts at both ends, is one side of the squash. A large brownish-gray moth is on one of the squash vines.
Watermelon with Caterpillar and Moth, Maria Sibylla Merian (1647–1717)
A black and white image shows three de-fleshed views of a human head, which expose the muscles, veins, and brain below. There is a front view, where the head looks out to the viewer; a back view, which shows the rear of the skull and back of the brain; and a side view, which shows the ear and side view of brain. There are also two illustrations of the human brain.
Wax models of the head and neck and of the right hemisphere of the brain, Madeleine-Françoise Basseporte (1701–1780)
A young woman with light skin, pink cheeks, and curled gray hair is shown reclining outdoors with a small dog hanging over her arm. The woman is wearing a bright pink skirt and jacket outfit with stripes, and the jacket has been pulled slightly to expose one breast. She also wears a white scarf, a large black hat with white feather plumes, and one yellow glove with the other glove in hand.
Wilhelmine Encke, Countess Lichtenau, Anna Dorthea Therbusch (1721–1782)
A winter scene of a frozen river running through a small town depicts numerous people walking and skating on the surface. Along either bank are small buildings, and in the distance a low mountain range is visible.
Winter View with Ice Games, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
A small road leading toward a wooded area is depicted in sepia tones. Along one side of the road is a small rocky rise, and two of the nearest trees appear to be standing dead with no leaves and stripped bark.
Wooded Landscape, Maria Katharina Prestel (1747–1794)


A plant drawing with one stem that has two medium green leaves and five yellow flowers emerging from it. The flowers have six pointed oval petals, and in the center of each flower is a darker yellow or orange cup-shaped part.
Yellow Narcissus, Barbara Regina Dietzsch (1706–1783)
Young Boy, in Purple Gray Dress, and Striped Vest, Sitting at a Table and Reading, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
Young Woman, Marie-Gabrielle Capet (1761–1818)
A woman with light skin, dark curly hair, and a serious expression is seated on a red couch holding a piece of white cloth. She is wearing a pale blue dress with white sleeves and a large hat decorated with a bow and a feather.
Young Woman Embroidering, Marguerite Gérard (1761–1837)
A woman with light skin, very pink cheeks, and long dark-blonde hair is seated at a small table with one elbow resting on it, gazing directly out at the viewer. She is wearing a silvery-white gown that is pulled below her breasts, along with a sheer white scarf tied around her neck and bracelets on both wrists. She holds a small bouquet of flowers in one hand.
Young Woman in Negligé, Anna Dorthea Therbusch (1721–1782)
A very sketchy drawing of a young woman holding a box in her lap. The outline of her skirts, hair, and figure are present but there is very little detail in the image.
Young Woman with a Box, Maria Hadfield Cosway (1760–1838)